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100% floating silicone marine elastic tube for buoy.

It allows the perfect positioning of the buoy in the vertical of the diver without effort. It makes the search for areas and the marking of stones an easy and exact task, since the buoy will be placed in the vertical of the marked place, even with current or wind.

The silicone tube has an outer diameter of 7 mm which makes it manageable with current. Improves hydrodynamics thanks to the hydrorepelence of pure silicone.

The silicone tube Ø 7 is also used to make tensioners or shock absorbers for the monofilament lines of the spearguns

Maximum elongation coefficient x3.

The BUNGGE HYDRO Ø 7 consists of:

  • 100% high quality pure silicone elastomer tube of 7 mm diameter brown color.
  • 2 CURVE connectors made of stainless steel 316L anti-tear.
  • 300 lb. junction rings

It is served in several sizes:

  • 8 m (full) stretches up to 20 meters
  • 10 m (full) stretches up to 25 meters
  • 12 m (full) stretches up to 30 meters
  • Per meter (only the pure silicone tube of 7 mm elongation capacity x3)
SpearMaster Boya ALTA PRESION

SpearMaster Boya ALTA PRESION

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SpearMaster Boya ALTA PRESION