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This is a floating semi-estatic tube made of a high quality elastomer.

Unlike other floatlines, our FLOATLINE TUNA and HYDRO, have a ability of elongation of 10 % (Elongation coefficient x 1.2), thus getting into load with escalation and dampening the pulls of the buoy.

Its high quality raw material ensures excellent wear resistance, roce, UV

and saltwater

Improves hydrodynamics as silicone repels water, minimizing friction with current, and at the same time, you can enjoy its good grip and grip to tighten the buoy and charge the parts easily, using it together to a tuna clip.

FloatLINE HYDRO 7 is formed by:

  • Pure silicone elastomer tube 100% high quality 7mm brown color diameter.
  • CURVE stainless steel 316L anti-tear connectors
  • 600 lb bonding rings

Available in various measures:

  • 15 m (full) progressive: stretch up to 17 meters
  • 20 m (full) progressive: stretch up to 23 meters
  • 25 m (full) progressive: stretch up to 28 meters
  • 30 m (full) progressive: stretch up to 34 meters
  • per metres (only the semi-elastic pure silicone tube of 7 mm elongation x1,2).
SpearMaster Boya ALTA PRESION

SpearMaster Boya ALTA PRESION

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SpearMaster Boya ALTA PRESION