PS-dive ARMADILLO integral vest

Manufacturer: PS-dive

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ARMADILLO Integral vest. It carries all the weight of the ballast in the vest without wearing a ballast belt. Video integral vest ARMADILLO

The weight of lead is distributed in small lead tablets distributed to the diver's liking throughout the vest. The ARMADILLO integral vest is the perfect tool to make your ballast a PERFECT equation.
Follow this link if you want to know more about the configuration of the ARMADILLO

The lead pieces are circular medallions of 130 grams, 150 grams and 170 grams. You can see the models we have in this link: Armadillo leads

We all have back pain in the lumbar area when we do long fishing days or when we wear heavy weight belts. The use of the ARMADILLO vest will make those discomforts disappear and give you a feeling in the water "as if you did NOT carry leads"

Available in 5 sizes:



Size S

165 cm

Size M

172 cm

Size L

180 cm

Size XL

198 cm

Size XXL

198 cm

You can choose two locking settings:
- With a CLASSIC buckle and PS-dive BEAVER TAIL
- With a FAST buckle and PS-dive BEAVER TAIL