PS-dive CASTOR COLA Fastening

Manufacturer: PS-dive

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Designed to prevent the lead belt from moving up our back, placing itself in the natural curvature for it. This curvature is exactly the most vulnerable and harmful area of our lumbar vertebrae. With the PS-dive Beaver Tail we will retain in lead belt in the upper part of our buttocks, avoiding the very problematic lumbar load, this will lead to the health of our lumbar vertebrae.

Castor's Cola PS-dive is designed to be used in combination with our buckles, which have a specific housing for this purpose, designed so that if an emergency zafado of the belt is to be performed, the Beaver Tail is also detached in a single gesture.

The PS-dive Beaver Tail is placed in the lead belt without removing the lead, thanks to its "open" placement system. It also has an adjustment system that allows you to customize the height of the belt placement

It is also possible to use the PS Beaver Tail to avoiding the backpack or ballast vest from getting to the back of the neck.

Maintaining our brand philosophy, we always use the best materials, in this case 316L superseded stainless steel and the tape is manufactured seawater resistant nylon.

Designed and manufactured in Spain.