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Varillas from the prestigious South African manufacturer SPEARMASTER.

Famous for using an exceptional steel that gives them their impressive hardness and toughness. Manufacturers of rods in stainless steel cannot go over 38 HRC (Rockwell) hardness because the stainless materials from these hardnesses become brittle and brittle and often break through the drills or recesses of the rods.

SpearMaster rods are twice harder than stainless steel rods following the 52 HRC and this makes no bending when the rods are fired even with strong or multigoma rubbers, getting more precise shots than those obtained with stainless steel rods (especially if the load of the rubbers is high


SpearMaster has been making pump-proof rods with high-quality temperable steels for many years with an external galvanizing treatment that allows the rod to not rust, passing the saltwater dew exposure test at 32 degrees C for 500 hours.  It should be noted that in areas with deep chafing such as the tip, rust will come out due to the loss of external treatment or when they spend long periods of time (months) without sweetening the rod.

Tested with high-powered rifles in extreme fishing: multigomas, roller, inverter and DUPLEX roller-inverter

shot with stone shots with double-rubber rifles to the hole,

THE new STORM PLUS screwed rods have a thread with M7 metric on the tip for accessories and zafable tips and just like the STORM PLUS, they are equipped with 3- loading nipples (located below the rod plane, getting a push in the center of the rod with less buckling), 1 aid nipple to the load, and on the 7.5 mm and 8 mm diameter rods doghouse<br/

Under orders minimum of 20 rods, they can be customized to taste: Nipples in quantity and shapes, Threads of M7 and M6, aletlets, lengths......