Manufacturer: PS-dive

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Leather belt to add to any of our leads belt buckles.

Is made of high quality, resistant to tear, resistant to UV rays avoiding its deterioration with the Sun and resistant to the action of the salt water.

The material is studied to give it elasticity and a "shore" that gives the belt elasticity perfect for the auto-adjustment of the belt to the body of the diver to the suit is compressed by the pressure.

The coefficient of stretch of our "shore" in pure silicone allows breathing ventral, as the fastening belt even with much ballast equipped

Color is our Brown and measures of belt son:

  • Width: 48 mm
  • thickness: 4 mm
  • overall length is in two possibilities: < br / >
    • "CINTO mash 130" with a total of 130 cm long
    • "belt mash 150" with a total of 150 cm long