SigalSub NOTCHES spear

Manufacturer: SigalSub

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It is a robust and perfectly finished rod

Technical description of the rod
The rod MUESCAS is constructed in RECtified PH 17.4. It is produced with 17.4 HP bars certified by the steel factory.
• The MUESCAS rod is manufactured by computerized CNC.
• The MUESCAS rod has 3 tache or notches, 2 backs and 1 preload more advanced.
• MUESCAS are finely polished allowing use with both dyneema and other types of metallic howitzers.
• The aletilla is very robust and is mounted with a high-strength 2 mm diameter pin. Maintaining the philosophy of maximum robustness and reliability, the rods are not milled or reduced to place the flap. Very robust wings, have a thickness of 0.8 mm and on request can be mounted higher thicknessed letellets.
• The flap is well maintained and polished to ensure maximum respect for fish meat.
• The flap the letilla is made. is mounted above and on request by the bottom or double letilla.

Connections of the line or cable to the rod
It has a hole in the heel of the rod and another between the notches (very useful for inverter-type rifles, roller and for large diameters of rod that do not enter with the line in the firing mechanism)

Sigalsub MUESCAS arrows are manufactured with diameters 6.00, 6.25, 6.50, 6.75, 7.00 mm