SigalSub HRC spear

Manufacturer: SigalSub

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It is a sturdy and very refined rod.
It owes its name to the great hardness of manufacture. The penetration capacity is improved #243 aún más thanks to the eyewar-shaped sharpening

Descripción técnica of the HRC rod

• The rod HRC isá built in PH 17.4; Grinding. It is produced with 17.4 HP bars certified by fásteel brica.
The HRC rod is á manufactured by computerized CNC.
• the HRC rod has 4 nipples, 3 backs and one preload quite a preload adelantado. All nipples have a polished drill to place the yarn in which you want.
• The nipples are finely polished #225;n allowing use with both dyneema and other types of warhead.
• HRC tetos " shark finón " are the fruit of HRC philosophy of maximum robustness and reliability, in this way the arrows are not milled or drilled to place the nipples, these are welded at low temperature so as not to distemper the steel and create a reinforcing bridge with the rod, helping to increase its performance balístico.
Tamañor HRC nipples "shark finón" are manufactured in two sizesños: BIG height 5 mm and PEQUEÑO height 3 mm /h<br;o • The aletlet; The aletlet. for powerful rifles is very robust and is mounted with a high-strength diámeter 2 mm pin. Maintaining the HRC philosophy of maximum robustness and reliability, the rods are not milled or reduced to place the flap, only the 6.75 diameter arrow is lightly milled to accommodate the 6.5 mm rod flap and the same 8 mm arrow is lightened to accommodate the 7.5 mm flap. Very robust wings, have a thickness of   0.8 mm and on request can be mounted higher thickness wings.
•> The letilla está well maintained and polished to guarantee the máximo respect to the fish meat.

Connections of the línea or cable to the rod
It has a hole in the tail and one placed in each of the shark fin nipples (very useful for inverter, roller and for diálarge rod meters that do not enter the line in the mecani shot)

The HRC arrows of Sigalsub are manufactured with diámeters 6.25, 6.5, 6.75, 7, 7.5, 8