PS-dive Slip Tip CONE

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Slip Tip "CONE"

All innovations and manufacturing quality, make the tip especially effective and accurate


Tip hardness: The "CONE" zafable tip is made of a special stainless steel that allows to harden the tip up to 45 HRC preventing the tip or adapter from bending into impacts with rocks (in impacts against stone at a short distance or with multigomas deformations may occur). Its hardness also prevents the bending of the base-adapter when the big fish start explosively with the tip nailed perpendicularly, but without completely passing the fish's body,

Manufacture: Latest CNC machining technology allows us to apply very strict tolerances. This technology achieves a perfect fit between the tip and its base-adaptor, without slacks and without tightening giving the fistable tip "CONE" of:

  1. PRECISION: a centered perfect between base-adapter and tip, allowing the arrow to fly fully aligned
  2. EFFICIENCY: the perfect adjustmentbetween the tip and its base-adapter allows the tip to detach from the adapter very easily.
  3. RESISTANCE: CNC adjustment is also intended to not deform the conical coupling between the tip and its base-adaptor (in impacts versus stone at a short distance or with multigomas may appear).


The zafable tip is necessary in various types of fishing and becomes essential for some fish:

  • When large and powerful fish tear the flesh, simply because of its potency and the sharp turns of the fish on the stiffness of the rod
  • When the shots are in soft parts of the fish, the tip manages to get the fish meat to work on the flexibility of a dynnema or cable and thus gets the loin or belly of the fish not to tear
  • When the fish are already of considerable size, a rod nailed perpendicular to the fish will cause the rod to bend. The zafable allows the rod to be paralleltothe direction of the system force and only work the flexibility of the dynnema or zafable tip cable, preventing the rod from breaking or bending


Mounting of the base-adaptor on the arrow, unlike other tips, may be in the "thread up" or "thread down" position to the fisherman's liking. The base-adapter is threaded to the end on the threaded arrow by applying a sealant or thread blocker, to prevent the base-adapter from accidentally unscrewing or turning.

The of the rifle: The CONE tip does not need an O-ring or slide, so it is simply Place the tip its base-adaptor, with attention of NEVER put the hand in front of the tip and then holds the cable or rope of the tip under the rubbers or the arrow line, tensing it a little with the hand.


  • Total tip length: 200 mm
  • Tip Diameters: 7 mm at the tip and 8.6 mm at the base
  • Tip hardness: 45 HRC
  • SIN Slide for this purpose has a drill at 60 or at the base of the tip where the dynnema or cable moves
  • Dynnema (Spectra): 3 mm in diameter with a breakage load of 600 kg
  • Bases-Adaptors:
    • Adapter 1: standard thread M7 with seat s/7.1 mm
    • Adapter 2: French thread M6 with seat s 6.4 mm
    • Adapter 3: AMERICAN thread 5/16 for seat of 8 mm

Designed and manufactured in Spain.