PS-dive FAST buckle with musket

Manufacturer: PS-dive

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Fast or loose lead belt fastening buckle. This model has a mosqueton built-in for use with the PaulaSub prick-pull-pull or for other uses.

Designed for fast and effective placement,

The zafado is intrinsic and fast in case of emergency and never fails. The buckle triggers are designed to release the belt by pressing them in the direction of buckle opening, ensuring that the belt is easily released in case of emergency.

You can supplement with the #ff9900 preventing the
belt from moving to the areas lumbar, or using the
to prevent the pull of the lead vest<br
It can also be completed with the </br
PSPheptopez Multifunction

The quick-sand buckle can be chosen with adjustable belt fastening for a very comfortable and fast , or with the classic triple belt-passed fastening by three houses. In turn the diver can choose the buckle with musket incorporated in this same section. You can also select the full cinturon option, where you'll have the buckle you want with the <style"color: #ff9900;"="">PS pure silicone </style"color:> 140 cm long.

1.1. FAST buckle with

triple turn adjustment musket (buckle only)

1.2. FAST buckle with triple turn adjustment mosket of belt + pure silicone PS cinto

2.1. FAST buckle with biteshate (buckle only) musket (buckle only)

2.2. FAST buckle with mustest + #ff9900 ""