PS-dive Floatline BOA

Manufacturer: PS-dive

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BOA float-line

No more floatline breakages due to the loading of the TUNA carabiner. With the BOA floatline clutch, the clamping of the line is distributed in 40 cm instead of the 3 mm of the TUNA carabiner and also enters into load progressively avoiding moments of maximum tension.

Connects directly to the buoy or float without complications


  • It becomes very comfortable, easy and fast the recovery of fish
    • It allows you to adjust the length of your waterline without having to hook and unhook the TUNA carabiner.
    • It prevents the fish from recovering their entire line when they make second starts, greatly reducing the recovery time.
  • Safe and effective
    • The clutch for FLOATLINE automatically locks the waterline when fighting a fish.
    • Avoid accidents due to hitches, tangles of fins, arms or parts of the equipment in the excess of the floatline that we are recovering. When the second plucks of the large fish occur, the floatline turns on the surface never go with the fish or do so very slowly.
  • Floating line length adjustment
    • The clutch is also used to adjust the length of its line when diving, moving our BOA to any position on our waterline to adjust the length of the floatline to depth.
    • This line adjustment is used comfortably to hang like a spider from the buoy in the "blue" at the height where we want to wait.
  • Zone marking and extraction of rocky fish
    • To mark a diving area we can adjust the buoy to the vertical so that the wind or the current derive the buoy
    • In the same way when we have a rocked fish, we can put the buoy just above the work area or we can load tension in the line so that when we take the fish out, it can not re-enter the cave

Works with all PS-dive floating lines of Ø10 mm