PS-dive WAHOO pressure buoy

Manufacturer: PS-dive

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WahOO High Pressure Sky

  • MATERIAL: High pressure PS-dive WAHOO buoys are manufactured with a reinforced and PVC-coated . The buoy is very resistant and light at the same time, so it does not cost towing it and can be carried comfortably. The buoy is made of thermo-welds, without any manual bonding that can weaken the joints.
  • DESIGN: It has a "" shape that allows you to adjust the floatline or bungee. You can make a quick jump into the water and get in action without having to unroll the floatline. You will also appreciate the order on the boat when there are several fishermen with buoys and lines on deck. Because of the need to provide the buoy with high visibility, they are manufactured in color yellow, safety comes first when the boats are close.
  • INCHADO: PS high-pressure buoys can be inflated SIN EXCEED 2 bar (kg/cm2). PRECAUTION: should not be left in the direct sun out of the water or air travel with it swollen. It has two inflation systems: one through a standard semi-rigid type valve (RIB) or car valve, and another with an adapter included to convert the pneumatic boat inflator valve into car valve. The air can be easily removed for storage or travel with it.
    • It has two "stainless steel "D" rings with a breakage load of 150 Kg: one at the front for the bonding of the floatline and one at the bottom-rear to make buoy trains or hang objects.
    • It has a hadle large in the back, resistant to "surf with the buoy when it is dragged by the boat or a large fish, or to hold on in case of emergency.
    • Disupposes a Flag detachable "Alpha" diving signaling.
    • Adaptor to be able to inflate the buoy from a car or bike valve, or from a manual pneumatic boat float inflator.

Are manufactured in two sizes:

  • Medium 15 liters. Measurements: 74*28*19 cm
  • Large 30 liters: Measurements: 62*24*18 cm